Amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ people through data: a recipe for change

Organisations use data as a valuable tool to improve their operations, to better serve their customers and to measure progress against their strategy. But data also gives insights into our people. As Executive Sponsor for Pride@KPMG (our LGBTQ+ employee network) I have begun to see how important data is for understanding the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in the workplace.

I want to ensure our workplace is safe for people of all diversities, including our LGBTQ+ people, who are often an intersection of multiple diversities. It’s this richness of our people that inspires me and others to be active as allies and continue to sponsor, mentor, and remove barriers for our people. But to remove those barriers we must know what they are. This is where data comes in.

The Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) survey which our whole firm is invited to participate in every year is a rich data source. This survey is an opportunity to not only hear how people at KPMG view and experience workplace LGBTQ+ inclusion but also across corporate Australia.

Utilising the rich data from surveys like AWEI as well as listening to the experiences of LGBTQ+ people allow us not only to understand the barriers they are facing in our workplaces but also measure our success in removing them. It gives a voice to the often underrepresented within our workplaces and as leaders we must listen to them.

Being able to bring this data to life in a way that is digestible, pulls out key themes and helps us see the possibilities is an art form and vital to helping leaders really hear what their people are saying.

Pride@KPMG’s strategy is built on three key pillars – workplace, marketplace and community. The network seeks to deliver projects that will make workplaces better for all LGBTQ+ people. An important ingredient in success in workplace inclusion is data, so we are sharing our recipes for creating meaningful data analysis.

This report, authored by the Pride@KPMG Data Lead, Aina Musaeva, provides easy-to-follow instructions for anyone wanting to get more out of the AWEI survey results to improve their workplace LGBTQ+ inclusion. The instructions are applicable even for organisations that don’t have a data scientist like Aina. With these instructions you will be able to extract actionable insights on the visibility of workplace LGBTQ+ inclusion and active allyship in your organisation. It will also help you measure the progress in your organisation over the last two years and compare yourself to the peer organisations in your industry.

It is my hope that through analysing this data as shown step by step in this report, together, we can create a more inclusive Australian society where everyone feels they belong at work. Imagine if every organisation in Australia were empowered to use data to improve the working lives of their LGBTQ+ people.

To take a step towards this brighter future of working Australia, follow the instructions in this report to start your journey to data-informed decision making for greater workplace LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion today.

Read the report Unlocking the value of your AWEI survey data,follow the recipe, communicate the results and plan for change.


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