Unfortunately, there is an elephant in the cup this year but it will still be super

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Unfortunately, there is an elephant in the race this year.

As a young man, my father would often say that the lessons learnt through participating and watching sport would provide interesting parallel lessons for life.

As a horse lover and a keen student of horse racing, as well as a believer in a strong financial system, and, in particular, the merits of a superannuation system that provides a dignified life to members in retirement – it has been a tough year.

In horse racing, the large majority of participants have a great love of the horse, and care for its welfare both during and after its racing career. Yet, this year regrettably we have witnessed examples of improper training methods, the drugging and electric shocking of horses, the death of horses in racing and only recently, the abhorrent slaughter of former racehorses in abattoirs.

For the financial services industry the Hayne Royal Commission has unearthed practices that work against the objective of superannuation to help fund a person’s retirement with the needs of the retiree first and foremost.

As a result, in both horse racing and the financial services industry, there is an erosion of trust, something that once lost or eroded, may take years to re-gain.

Thankfully, the regulators have listened to the concerns of the community and are responding, albeit, with some work to do. APRA has put funds with sub-optimal outcomes for members on notice about the need to improve members’ outcomes or merge.

The VRC have introduced new CT scans to pre-emptively identify possible fractures in horses before they race.

This brings us to this year’s race. A race that this year might no longer stop all the nation.

This year’s field is a strong one, with many chances.

My selections for this year are

Constantinople (19)
Finche (11)
Cross Counter (1)
Prince of Arran (12)


Southern France (5)

P.S For those lucky enough to win the trifecta and first four last year, please be advised that past performance is no indicator of future performance. Gamble responsibly, drink safely and hope every persona and their horse has a good Melbourne Cup.

2019 Melbourne Cup winners

Vow and Declare
Prince of Arran
Il Paradiso third
Master of Reality fourth.


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