There’s no such thing as failure: Scott Draper, a life with purpose

Scott Draper, Director, KPMG Performance Clinic

In episode two we explore the freedom which comes with understanding your purpose, and the different ways to identify what exactly it is.

When faced with the chance to step up, the knowledge you’re doing what you love relieves pressure and allows you to embrace the full range of emotions associated with overcoming difficult challenges. It’s all about identifying exactly what your purpose is.

Listen to episode 1, Squeeze the most out of every day with dual-sport professional Scott Draper.


4 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as failure: Scott Draper, a life with purpose

  1. Much respect Scott. It takes not just time, but attention to understand our motivation. Once we know that, so much the better.
    You’ve clearly and honestly articulated that.
    Thank you.

  2. Some really good points Scott. I’ve never fully considered the fear of failure as an ego issue but on reflection it is.
    And separately, I’m quite the believer in doing whats important to you. Whether it be achieving work or sporting success, raising your family and spending time with your kids, playing an instrument, travel . . . whatever it is you should be working towards it and focusing on it.

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