The future of work: jobs in the knowledge economy

There is no question that Australia and the rest of the world are shifting to knowledge work. Jobs that have been expanding over the past 15 years have been in health, education and professional services. Jobs that have been contracting have been in manufacturing and agriculture. The common denominator here is knowledge workers, jobs that either require a university degree or technical training.

This skill set is called STEM, science, technology, engineering and maths.


3 thoughts on “The future of work: jobs in the knowledge economy

  1. These videos are wonderful tools for me to show my two teenage sons – thanks Bernard.

    Although, being a horticulturist and being aware of the importance of food production and world food security, for a growing population, can agriculture the occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, be in decline?

  2. Writing a symphony from Byron Bay – that’s my kind of job! – Seriously though – the skills about “getting on” with people are so important and well referenced Bernard!

  3. Such a timely video! Moving human resources away from automated or repetitive work. Free the office workers, labourers and drivers to use their knowledge and spirit in a more creative outlet.

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