What Happens Next? with Bernard Salt: The new reality for healthcare post COVID-19

What Happens Next with Bernard Salt is a podcast series bringing you insights into what a new reality could look like post COVID-19.

As the world looks towards a new reality post COVID-19, governments, communities and businesses are all asking the same question: What happens next? How can we learn from the challenges and impact of COVID-19 to build a future that is resilient?

Join us in our new podcast series with Bernard Salt as we find out What Happens Next?

The new reality for healthcare post COVID-19

In our first episode of What Happens Next, host Bernard Salt speaks to Dr Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Advisor to the Australian Digital Health Agency, and Warren Bingham, Executive Director of MedTech, to look at the role technology is playing in the Australian healthcare sector in the wake of COVID-19. Bernard also chats to KPMG Global Head of Healthcare, Dr Mark Britnell, to hear his analysis of how countries across the globe are dealing with the pandemic.

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