Peak Population: Future proofing the globe for future generations.

According to United Nations data the world’s population is expected to peak in just 44 years at a level of nearly 11 billion, after that it will start to decline. Increasing life expectancy combined with falling fertility levels will see a number of countries experiencing a reduction in the global population. Many countries will be faced with an aging population and a comparatively smaller young population to support them.

So what does peak population mean for future generations and what can be done now to try to ameliorate the effects of a declining global population? Join Host Whitney Fitzsimmons as she discusses these topics with Forbes Top 50 Futurist Shara Evans.

Whitney also talks to KPMG’s Urban and Regional Demographer Terry Rawnsley about how societal trends, technology and the way people are consuming goods is affecting the planet. They cover global consumption and the “buy local” push. From Portlandia’s “Is this chicken local?” clip, to medical treatment on Star Trek, Blade Runner and test-tube hamburgers it’s an entertaining and illuminating chat.

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