Let the games begin!

Recruiting the right people for any business is difficult, but when the applicants add up to about 10,000 and you only have a few hundred places to offer, finding the right candidate can be a ‘needle in a haystack’ experience.

And with graduates it can be even harder.

They typically don’t have any work experience, no previous employer to talk with, no extensive CV or a deeply populated LinkedIn account. They are bidding for their first job in a competition where there are only a small number of winners.

So, in a first for a professional services firm, we have begun recruiting graduates by playing games.

These young people are digital natives, so to gain a true understanding of their potential we immerse them in an assessment where they will respond naturally. When you play a game, you get engrossed in the experience. Your responses are real and it’s an excellent way to quickly and effectively capture complex information about a candidate.

The game only takes about 10 minutes, but during this time it gathers a host of information about the candidate. Playing games or gamification for recruitment assessment uses analytics, big data, predictive psychometric models and cloud technologies and is based on an extensive body of psychometric research about how behaviour during the game links to actual job performance.

But in professional services we want more. Our people are client facing – they are not just tucked away in an office beavering over a spreadsheet. We seek people who can listen to and talk with clients, who can demonstrate natural leadership attributes, with a strong ability to influence and collaborate in a team environment. And we can’t capture this in an online game alone.

This is where the video ‘selfie’ comes in. Candidates film their own ‘video interview’, in their own time and with their own content. These more relaxed videos help us assess their personal impact, communications skills and answers to behavioural interview questions. It is not a professional production and it isn’t testing their digital filming skills, but it does help us in deciding which candidates will finally come in to our assessment centres.

We are all time poor and reviewing an inbox full of resumes is not helpful to the managers these new recruits will eventually report to. It is not cost effective, efficient or accurate and makes the recruitment process long and unwieldy for everyone, including the applicants.

Our new recruitment process provides a significant reduction in applications that have to be individually reviewed and allows the firm to review the top talent using robust data to support their selection. All this happens prior to being invited to a final interview.

Playing games may just seem like fun, but these new techniques deliver candidates who excel and will be successful in the firm, aligned to our company’s values and who have the same sense of purpose as the firm. They are also an excellent measure of their future commitment to our firm, their productivity and tenure.

Let the games begin.

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