KPMG expands capability with record partner appointments

KPMG Australia has announced its largest intake of 78 new partners, up from 62 in 2017.

New partner appointments were made nationally across a wide range of service lines and sectors, reinforcing the firm’s commitment to attracting and retaining diverse senior talent to support its focus on clients and growth.

KPMG Australia CEO, Gary Wingrove said: “Organisations are very much focused on transforming their businesses to succeed through a disruptive landscape and a geopolitical climate, with strong demand from clients looking for new ways to drive growth, make productivity gains and enhance customer experience.”

He also emphasised that: “This year’s partner admissions reflect our response to supporting the current business needs of our clients and also anticipating their requirements for tomorrow.”

Amongst the largest sector investments were cyber security, financial services, consumer markets, and infrastructure. The recent acquisition of engineering firm Relken added a further two partners, building out the firm’s capability in the engineering sector.

The majority of appointments were made in the Management Consulting division where 25 new partners were named. Over 20 percent of these appointments were in tech-related consulting. KPMG’s expansion of its specialist Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory venture also saw a further three partner appointments.

The Deals, Tax and Legal division gained 18 new partners. Six of these were transaction based appointments with a further four in Tax Advisory. The firm also added four new partners to its KPMG Law practice, accelerating investment in its ability to include legal capability in key client sectors.

A further 18 partner appointments were attributed to the Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting division, reflecting the firm’s  commitment to strengthening audit quality through the appointment of high quality audit partners and also five Forensic appointments.

The firm’s mid-market business, KPMG Enterprise, attracted 11 new partners. Its growth was largely driven by the firm’s continued expansion into Greater Western Sydney, further strengthening KPMG’s ‘three-city’ presence in Sydney.

KPMG continued its investment in the Global Strategy Group with two new partner appointments. Four new partners were also added in the firm’s Business Services division.

This year 30 percent of the total number of new partners are female. Women comprised over 35 percent of internal partner promotions.

Alison Kitchen, KPMG Australia Chairman added: “Our view is that all businesses should be prepared to challenge themselves in order to see things from a perspective that encourages true diversity. At KPMG, we continue to focus on attracting top industry talent and that includes people with diverse backgrounds. I’m proud of all that KPMG has achieved over the past year, and I am particularly proud of all our new partners.”

KPMG Australia’s new Partners and Executive Directors are:

Olivier Agboton Management Consulting Melbourne
Jenny Arrand Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
David Bardsley Management Consulting Melbourne
John Barry Deals Tax Legal Melbourne
Carmen Bekker Management Consulting Sydney
Susan Bell Deals Tax Legal Brisbane
Clive Bird Enterprise Melbourne
Paul Black Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Lisa Bora Management Consulting Sydney
Brandon Brown Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Canberra
Nic Buchanan Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Jonathan Burns Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Hilda Carmichael Management Consulting Melbourne
Marie Chambers Management Consulting Sydney
Paul Childers Deals Tax Legal Parramatta
Christopher Clements Management Consulting Sydney
Catherine Dean Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Anthony Donohoe Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Melbourne
Warren Dunn Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Tom Eade Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Ben Ellis Management Consulting Sydney
Natalie Faulkner Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Leonie Ferretter Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Ben Flaherty Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Brisbane
Aaron Froud Enterprise Canberra
Stuart Fuller Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Chris Giddens Deals Tax Legal Brisbane
Conrad Hall Deals Tax Legal Brisbane
Louis Hanna Enterprise Parramatta
Jacinta Hargan Management Consulting Sydney
Mark Hassell Management Consulting Sydney
Luke Howman-Giles Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Lauren Jackson Management Consulting Sydney
Michelle Jobson Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Anetta Johnston Enterprise Adelaide
Michael Kaiser Management Consulting Brisbane
Tim Keeling Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Jeremy Knight Management Consulting Melbourne
Jamie Levy Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Brendan Lyon Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Benjamin Mailler Management Consulting Canberra
Trixie Makay Management Consulting Canberra
*James McClelland Business Services Sydney
Dean Mitchell Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Melbourne
Naomi Mitchell Enterprise Parramatta
Adrian Nathanielsz Enterprise Melbourne
Erin Neville-Stanley Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Brisbane
Andrew O’Connor Management Consulting Brisbane
Craig O’Hagan Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Benjamin Olesen Management Consulting Canberra
Jeff O’Sullivan Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Shane O’Sullivan Management Consulting Melbourne
Angela Pak Management Consulting Perth
*Melissa Patrk Business Services Sydney
Carl Pretorius Management Consulting Sydney
Astrid Raetze Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Brendan Richards Deals Tax Legal Melbourne
Michael Robbins Enterprise Gold Coast
Rowan Roberts Management Consulting Adelaide
Jonathan Rudman Enterprise Parramatta
Tim Rutherford Enterprise Tasmania
Tim Sanders Management Consulting Canberra
Stephen Simonds Enterprise Parramatta
Ashwin Sinha Management Consulting Sydney
Helen Sutherland Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Keith Swan Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Dan Teper Deals Tax Legal Sydney
Praveen Thakur Management Consulting Melbourne
Tim Thomas Global Strategy Group Sydney
Phil Thornley Management Consulting Melbourne
Ian Tracey Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Melbourne
Hessel Verbeek Global Strategy Group Sydney
Pierre Wakim Enterprise Parramatta
Heather Watson Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
John Wilkes Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney
Craig Wishart Chief Information Officer Melbourne
Deborah Yates National Managing Partner, People Performance & Culture Sydney
Peter Zabaks Audit Assurance Risk Consulting Sydney

* Executive Director

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