What Happens Next? The economics of loneliness. How technology helps and hurts.

Even before the pandemic the trend of loneliness across Australia and the globe was growing exponentially. Since then social disconnection has only increased with the COVID induced lockdowns and isolation.

But there is a common belief that adversity can make us stronger, and more connected as a community.

So the question is, could one of the effects of COVID be that it creates a kinder society?

To find out our host Whitney Fitzsimmons spoke to Andrew Dempster, Mental Health Practice Lead for KPMG, Social Psychologist and Author Hugh MacKay and Alex Hoskyn and Glenys Reid from the Chatty Café.

If you’re interested in checking out Hugh MacKay’s latest book you can find the details here and if you want to find out more about The Chatty Café you’ll find information here.

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