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The importance of business debate in shaping a positive future for Australia and the world

In 2014, we’ve seen a more complex business environment characterised by heightened geopolitical volatility and conflicting economic signals. Despite the increased uncertainty, KPMG Australia remains positive about the economic outlook and opportunities for future business growth.

Later this month, on 15 and 16 November, the Group of Twenty (G20) is holding its annual meeting in Brisbane. Members will gather to discuss ways to strengthen the global economy, reform international financial institutions, improve financial regulation, and implement the key economic reforms that are needed in each member economy.

These are key issues for global and Australian business and all of them impact Australia’s future policy direction. How will we achieve the G20 output of growth by at least 2 percent above the currently projected level in the next five years? And how will we help to build economic resilience?

These are vital questions for all of us.

The answers are of critical importance to the strength of the world economy, to financial institutions and to their customers.

The G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation and decision-making. It’s exciting that this year’s summit is being held in Brisbane. As host of the 2014 G20 Summit, Australia will be front and centre on the world stage. Australian participants will help shape the growth agenda; local and global media will attend and here will be important analysis and commentary provided in the public arena.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to be involved in the G20 issues debate with the focus firmly be on the right strategies to build global economic resilience and ways to stimulate growth. Just as the G20 forum presents a key opportunity to discuss how best to manage disruption and uncertainty – and deliver growth and efficiencies in a time of intense geopolitical challenge and change – Australian business must have a similarly active voice in ongoing policy discussions.

A robust business exchange is essential. It can help business and the public sector to air important views and seed ideas, and it can provide the expertise needed to give Australia a voice on the world stage.

KPMG’s Newsroom is a new blog forum to provide such a voice. In the G20 context, it will provide a forum for us to talk about driving Australia’s economic growth and building economic resilience. At a firm level, these are the same outcomes we seek for our own clients. The Newsroom is about helping our clients, our people and other business stakeholders discover new ideas for growth, better manage risk, and uncover different ways of operating that deliver fundamentally better results.

We want to encourage and support policy debate within our firm and in the external market place, with the broader business and public sector communities.

Through the Newsroom, we will provide views and fresh thinking to the media, the general public, and business. Ours will be a dynamic voice in a fast-moving business environment – a voice we hope will help to inform effective policy development and shape a positive future for Australia.

I’m looking forward very much to being part of this great new means of connecting with the business issues of the day

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G20 and B20 joint talks
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