Glamour and drama, the life of an auditor #AuditorProud

Its #AuditorProud day and we celebrate our chosen profession.

I was once told my stilettos need to match my handbag. Glamour has long been associated with auditing, between the designer dresses, weekly hair blowdrys, and fine dining. Basically the same as Kendall Jenner but more professional.

Story-telling around the auditing glampfires of the past regaled the drama of an inventory count where attempts were made to hide the dusty goods from our sceptical eyeballs. Someone would always drop in the time they asked the sweating MD about irreconcilable reconciliation differences. Fraud you say. Exactly.

Throw in a pandemic, shut offices, open markets, and the drama and glamour continue. Let’s call it the zoom dramour. Dramady? Glama-rama?

Working at home, no problem. Expanded VPN overnight for firm systems. Check.

Upcoming inventory count at the client warehouse to assess existence and condition of stock. Warehouse shut to non-essential personnel. No problem. That dusty inventory will still be found, so enter the virtual-count, via live video stream a la Baz Luhrmann style. Now is your moment to shine, eyeballs on. Your instructions to the warehouse manager to ‘take’ you under the tarps, over the mounds and to the depths and breadths of the warehouse to test stock was an Oscar worthy dramatic performance. Test evidence obtained. Check. All while wearing your designer dressing gown. Ah the glamour. Remember to edit out the bit where your doorbell rang and rang because the postman was dropping off the spontaneous online bike purchase.

Up next, coaching the team to ensure knowledge is shared and evaluated for consistency across balances. Enter the open-channel video zoom, where the team can pop in and out as they need to chat through the big issues. There are times of rapid-fire Q&A, where we could put an episode of Suits to shame, although they didn’t have the drama of ‘you are on mute Erica’ saga. And then there are moments of staring at my own face as the only caller in the zoom. I seem enormous, and what is that in my eyebrow.

Weeks going by in your home office. Markets still open, although volatile, audits still need to be done. Forecast cash flows need to be evaluated given their criticality to asset values and going concern assessments. The environment is throwing a curve ball and widening ranges of uncertain future outcomes. It occurs to me that I could try and find the magic wand (and crystal ball?) in the dress-up box, probably alongside a matching pair of stilettos and handbag.

Deadlines are approaching and opinions being formed. Thank goodness for our years of experience across a huge range of industries, scale and products, as applying judgement in this environment tests everyone in the capital markets. Commentators observe even the best estimates will be inaccurate. Others observe I should’ve brushed my hair a few days ago. I concur and find porridge at the end of a strand, a victim of fine dining eaten at my computer. And what is that in my eyebrow.

Opinion signed and issued for release by the client. We celebrate with zoom drinks, although I couldn’t hear the speech as hairier boyfriend was vacuuming outside my office. Lucky I was on mute.

Despite the lack of all things glamorous, turns out I’m still a massively proud auditor. What we do and how we do it may change, as does the setting, but that’s what makes it exciting and challenging. And rewarding. And maybe this year we looked beyond the glamour and showed how auditing is an essential service. As is wifi.


11 thoughts on “Glamour and drama, the life of an auditor #AuditorProud

  1. Hilarious, very well written. Present both style and substance is something on superhumans can keep on an even keel consistently. Keeping it real!

  2. I loved this Caz. And my matching stilettos and handbags are currently not speaking to me as they have been replaced by WFH slippers. I laughed out loud at “You’re on mute Erica” saga.

  3. Caz! Thank you for the annual reminder and laughs, as well as highlighting the challenges and continued importance of our role in this crazy pandemic world. I resemble so many of your observations, and I’ll add my own…making sure I’ve put on lipstick to match the stilettos and handbag before each video conference. #auditorproud

  4. Carolyn, as witty as ever! Your annual #auditorproud pieces never disappoint! This highlights exactly how our auditors continue to deliver, even whilst navigating all sorts of challenges – definitely #auditorproud!

  5. Caz – you brought the laughs as always with this entertaining article that highlights all the challenges faced by our industry in current times. Thanks for continuing to shine the light on the importance of our role. #auditorproud

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