Closing the Gap: our response

Our response to the release of the “Closing the Gap 2019” report today.

“To be successful and achieve equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples we need to start recognising the consequences and impact of intergenerational trauma in communities. We have recently seen some devastating and tragic incidents of youth suicide in the Kimberley region and there’s evidence to support that intergenerational trauma is one of the key causes of this terrible situation. So as part of the whole ‘Closing the Gap’ framework I think as a nation we need to look more broadly at truth telling as part of our reconciliation commitment. We must start to acknowledge healing and trauma as part of these refresh targets if we’re to be successful in the future.”

“We are delighted the Prime Minister is committed to refreshing and achieving the ‘Closing the Gap’ targets over the next ten years. We fully endorse the Government’s pledge to work in partnership with Indigenous Australians. It is absolutely critical that the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are included in the design, development and implementation of services to achieve equality for all Australians.



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