‘C’ the light on the birthday of @AlbertEinstein

If you travel faster than the speed of light and look at the clock on the wall, the time will appear to go backwards in time.

Back in my formal education days, the maths masters would write on a blackboard using chalk. Their academic gowns always ironed to perfection showing traces of white and pink chalk dust. I can still remember the smell of chalk and floor polish. The clock on the wall never seemed to move as they attempted to beat into the heads of my class their love of quadratic equations.

Fast forward to 2017, digital teaching tools which measure progress and prompt learning through targeted exercises, TED talks, Adam Spencer and passionate teachers combine to bring life to mathematics. This is important as it is the foundation of science and understanding the increasing impact of the change new technologies are making to our lives and business models throughout the economy.

Unlike my early career, when changes were progressive and we had time to adapt, the business community needs to be able to create their own future using both new and available technology.

Fortunately our tertiary education system produces maths and science graduates with capabilities to apply scientific approaches to business challenges to create the disruptive products and services of the future. The disincentive for some companies is not getting immediate bang for their payroll buck.

So to celebrate Einstein’s birthday, here are a couple of ways to motivate you to put your money behind maths and science brains.

Firstly, bringing brains into your firm can speed up design and delivery of the technology to grow business through technology.

The Australian Mathematical Science Institute (AMSI) has been awarded $28 million from the Federal Government to sponsor PhD internships for companies on a matching basis and this is way to make your investment go further. AMSI’s intern program provides a springboard for its collaborative efforts across high-level research and engagement across multiple disciplines, industry sectors and commercial initiatives. This platform enables industry to access the best and brightest minds across the Australian post-graduate network to work on short-term targeted projects. It serves as a distinctive opportunity to accelerate innovation across industry through access to talent from over twenty Australian universities.

Then add an R&D incentive and a Jobs for Growth grant and you could save on the cost to create new revenue lines through technology.

It’s not quite as ground-breaking as Einstein’s great equation E = mc2 but it might just spark the next breakthrough.
Note: E = energy, m = mass, c = the speed of light i.e. in a vacuum (like space) 300,000 km/second. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity tells us that moving clocks run more slowly as their velocity increases until, at the speed of light, they stop running altogether. 


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