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newsroom editorsThe KPMG Newsroom, populated with posts from a variety of partners and staff, was launched on Nov 3. Nearly two months in, it is instructive to look at the early experience, and draw some conclusions.

Nov 3 was the eve of the Melbourne Cup, and the first blog was an amusing but insightful analysis by tax partner and racing nut Damien Ryan, who, based on the MySuper regime, compiled a ‘MyMelbourneCup’ product. Of the four horses he selected, Protectionist and Red Cadeaux came in first and second. This unexpected expert advice has ensured this post has remained in our top 10!

So what else has done well? Our top three all reflected two key aspects to blog success – firstly making the subject as topical as possible and secondly using the power of social media in increasing readership. Will Victoria election herald a payroll tax rebate? was written just days before the state vote on Nov 29 and discussed the possibility of a new government introducing a payroll tax rebate scheme similar to one operating in NSW. If it does, Melbourne partner David Sofra will cover it again and will once again use his LinkedIn (and @KPMGAustralia) accounts to full effect in spreading the word.

Disruption starts with me: changing role of the CIO and People trump process were second and third. Ant Stevens, our CIO had just been announced by Computerworld magazine as one of the top 100 CIOs in the world and his posts, buoyed by his award and his extensive social media network, were read worldwide.

Working Out Loud #WOL, discussed the power of sharing your work and working collaboratively rather than in the social isolation that a digital workspace can engender. Josh Patel’s post was the most commented on, including a response from John Stepper who is a global advocate for the WOL movement. Data Jewels by Adel Khan a senior accountant in data and analytics was a close second in commentary, with its interesting take on why tapping on and off public transport could lead to a more efficient public transport system.

Women need sponsors by our CEO, Gary Wingrove and The two percenters by Andrew North, Board Secretary, both addressed inequity in the business community and why a diverse worplace is good business.

The remark by the Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, of the historic moment in federal parliament when four women sat in four key leadership positions prompted Gary to spell out why sponsorship of women is vital to redress the gender imbalance in leadership.

Andrew, on Human Rights Day wrote about the fundamental human right of all staff to be physically and psychologically safe in their work environment. In his words, “On December 10, International Human Rights Day, few Australians will focus attention on the persecution of left-handed people”. Andrew’s article, which centred on the changing views in Australia on intersex people by highlighting how left-handedness and red hair are no longer seen as ‘sinister’, showed the power of an unexpected twist and an enticing headline.

Crowdfunding gets more crowded, Working smarter for the member dollar and How Chinese executives really feel, complete the top ten. Superannuation affects us all and the importance of China to the Australian economy, especially with the signing of the Free Trade Agreement will ensure these articles continue to be read. And Crowdfunding takes us back to the importance of social media and the ability it has to change our lives and our business.

Crowdfunding was also one of those blogs that got picked by mainstream media, which is another major reason for KPMG using the newsroom approach. It is all about promoting KPMG not just as a brand, but by showing the variety of ideas and depth of talent at the firm.

There is one thing in common with all our most successful blogs. They were written by people who cared about the subjects. So make a New Year resolution to come back in 2015 and join our growing number of readers and comment on a subject that matters to you, or an issue you think needs raising. We want to hear from you. And so does the wider world.

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