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What Happens Next? Space: The new frontier

| Mar 24, 2022

In this episode we find out from Blue Origin astronaut and former NASA Engineer Chris Boshuizen what it’s like to rocket through space.


Australian Space Assets: scattered and small but a good foundation for growth

| Jul 29, 2021

Australia is a serious player in space, evidenced by our national space asset footprint and the international importance of a number of these facilities.


Space Economy Enters the Light. Not in 2060, it’s happening now

| May 10, 2022

I think the space economy will be a bit like the internet in the 90s. One month you have a conversation on this cool thing called the internet – the next month you are completely unable to do your job because the office wifi network goes down


We will know an astronaut by the end of the decade, but still need to fill the skills void

| Sep 29, 2021

We need to embrace the power of sending people to space in inspiring our future engineers, scientists, lawyers, artists, technicians.


Navigating Space – connection and cooperation. A vision for defence in space

| Sep 7, 2021

Australia needs to define a national space policy and implementation plan which encapsulates defence and civil focus areas.


Australian space takes its place on the world stage

| Oct 12, 2020

Recurrent themes were connectedness, cooperation and sustainability – truly unifying themes for a world sometimes better understood in terms of its divisions. 


The future of space: communal, commercial, contested

| May 20, 2020

This global space industry is predicted to be worth US$600 billion by 2030, and Australia is well-positioned to gain from the boom.


Watch this space: The International Astronautical Congress wrap – Washington DC, 2019

| Nov 26, 2019

Australia is perfectly positioned on the global stage following the congress with key initiatives to capitalise on the industry growth.


50 years since the Apollo 11 Landing, 1 year since KPMG launched into Space

| Jul 16, 2019

On the 50th anniversary of that amazing achievement, when Apollo 11 landed and humans walked on another celestial body, we want to acknowledge that effort that sacrifice and offer our support to the next wave of space achievements