What happens next? with Bernard Salt: Sustainability & ESG

Looking after the world we live in for future generations is not just important to communities and society at large, but to business as well. Embedding ESG, or environmental, social and governance principles into a company’s strategy is now a business imperative.

In this episode, Bernard speaks with Independent Advisor, Michael Gabadou and Adrian King, KPMG Partner in Charge of Climate Change & Sustainability. Among the topics discussed, the trio delve into COVID-19’s effect on ESG investment. During the height of the pandemic, ESG stocks proved remarkably resilient with their long-term focus and goals and the value of ‘scientific advice’ skyrocketed, contributing to a rise in interest amongst shareholders.

Bernard Salt is joined by Nicolette Boele, Executive Manager, Policy and Standards, Responsible Investment Association Australasia. She discusses how evolving ESG policy in the Asia-Pacific is causing businesses to continually upgrade their sustainability measures to ensure confidence with both their people and their clients. She mentions the new focus on supply chain risk following the Governments new Modern Slavery legislation as indicative of this.

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