Talking about my generation: reimagining the sixties

Bernard Salt

I want to talk about the sixties, not revisiting the sixties, I want to talk about reimagining the sixties. And by the sixties I don’t mean the 1960s but the sixty something time in people’s lifecycle.


3 thoughts on “Talking about my generation: reimagining the sixties

  1. Thank you Bernard. It’s inspiring to hear that not only wont’ people have to ‘go quietly’ when they reach their sixties but that this will be a time of enhanced work productivity and enjoyment. I’m thinking ahead to what new business I can start when I get there! Your video supported by facts and trends is thought provoking and energising. Thank you

  2. Thanks Bernard, loved your video, as a Boomer came back from a few years in Byron in 2008 ..however Creating Encores is my passion and purpose in putting all my careers together, arts, business and psychotherapy, a book as well. A question the challenge as a now solo Boomer where do we/I find the professional support at a high level to keep my/our business’s exciting, financially viable important, (am paying back ATO as I used my Super before I should have to fund part of my business ) and importantly on track. Love your thoughts. Thanks Sally

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